Financial Security

Are you living paycheck to paycheck and up to your head in debt? Don’t worry. Even when it looks like there’s always going to be more month than money, there’s a lot of you can do to turn things around. Help is on the way.

In working with us, not only will you have a money management plan to get out of debt, you will see your savings and retirement accounts grow to give you the financial security you truly want.

The Financial Security Blueprint 6-Month Coaching Package will show you exactly what it takes to create financial security in your life, including:

  • With a coach by your side, you will establish a consistent money management routine that allows you to pay yourself first, budget for monthly expenses, and pay off debt.

  • How to identify your “Latte Factor” and where to redirect the newly found money towards achieving your financial goals.

  • How to track your progress for increasing your savings, lowering monthly expenses, decreasing debt, and contributing towards retirement.

  • Learn the credit secret that will dramatically increase your credit scores as you pay down debt and get rid of it entirely.

  • Be in a solid financial position to buy a home, go on exotic family vacations every year, and retire with dignity.

This highly supportive coaching package gives you:

  • One initial 90-minute “Financial Security Game Plan” kick-off session to assess your finances and design your money management plan.

  • Two 50-minute “Budget Committee Meetings” per month (12 Total).

  • Unlimited email access for questions and support.

  • Done-For-You Money Management Template for monthly budgeting.

  • Money Management Toolkit to track your progress and financial goals.

  • Bonus 1#: Support and accountability from our online community with a private client Facebook group.

  • Bonus #2: Free 30-minute session with one of my service providers in my network based on your Money Management Plan

  • Bonus #3: 2 complimentary tickets to any of our upcoming events

  • Bonus #4: Access to our monthly Money Management training calls

If the “Financial Security Blueprint” 6-Month Coaching Package is what you’ve been looking for to help you with your financial goals, click here to schedule your FREE “Money Management” Strategy Session with me.