Author: Tina Collazo

Tina L. Collazo is a mother, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. As a result of her divorce several years ago, she discovered her life purpose was to share her wisdom with single moms all over the world on how to live an amazing life. In her first book as a contributing author, “My Now for the Single Parent,” she writes about how to show your children unconditional love and how to stay strong during the storm. Tina has also written a devotional called “Virgin to The Mic” filled with uplifting and inspiring poems as a result of her journey as a divorcee and single mom. As a Transformation Life Coach, Tina offers clients a free one-hour consultation and her Single Mom Success Package. She performs an initial life assessment to evaluate where they are out of alignment in their life and designs an action-oriented “Single Mom Success Plan” tailored to their particular situation. Her goal is that ultimately as a woman, mother, and professional they will create an amazing lifestyle that allows them to live their best life right now. Life is a journey and her coaching gives them the accountability they need for success and breakthrough. Tina has been a featured as a guest speaker on radio podcast shows like 15minRadio with Athena Moberg sharing her life as single parent and dating; The Right to R.E.A.L. Love with Jay Mayo discussing “Seeking God Before Seeking a Mate;” and Share the Wealth with Kellie Fitzgerald sharing her story as a single mom from struggle to success and promoting her upcoming anthropology, “Empowering Women of Social Media: Finding Global Unity in Social Communities.” You can find these interviews on her website. Tina has led a Life Group for Single Mothers and Separated/Divorced Women since 2013. Leading this group is where she found her true calling in life. As a result of working with these women, they’ve experienced spiritual growth and purpose awakening as well as being apart of a support system among other women where they can be vulnerable and transparent about their struggles while being uplifted with words of encouragement and affection by their sisters in Christ. She also has a Blog that empowers single moms with “How To” videos, and stories of transparent moments of struggles and triumphs in her life. Her goal is that they will see themselves in the situation that she shares and inspires them to make changes in themselves to get where they desire to be. Tina is a mother of two awesome boys, J.C. and Nicolaus. She loves God and acknowledges Him for transforming her life. Tina is a fun, loving, transparent, authentic person who inspires many. She is a successful Real Estate Agent and Investor, and specializes in the Northern Virginia market.

How to Build Financial Muscles

As a real estate agent for over 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients buy, sell, and invest in real estate. However, in recent years I’ve noticed more people are not able to qualify for a home loan because of high debt or not having enough money saved to use as a down payment based on the loan program(s) they would qualify for.

To address this issue, I’ve designed a money management system that gives families and individuals the opportunity to build their financial muscles one day at a time versus doing financial lypo. Just like in real life, lypo is quick fix that requires no self discipline and the fat will eventually come back over time because no habits or lifestyle changes were made to keep it off.

Getting out of debt is the first step to becoming financially free. Just like going to the gym in real life, you have to do cardio to burn fat and then lift weights to build muscles. It’s the same concept with managing money. First you need to starting paying down your debt to burn that unnecessary fat that’s hurting your financial health. In the meantime, you can build financial muscle by paying yourself first with 10% of your net pay every month. You are leaning out on the debt and building muscle by paying yourself first.

Imagine this, your monthly net pay is $5,000. You are diligently saving $500 by paying yourself first and using $1,000 to pay off debt every month. After one year, you’ll have $6,000 saved and paid off $12,000 in debt! I’m hoping you are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

My heart is to give you the tools you need to get out of debt. I love numbers and I’ve become more knowledgeable about finances as a result of my own money challenges after divorce. Financial education and consulting has become a passion and God-given vision of mine for the last 2 years. At the end of the day, your spending habits affect your ability to buy a home or even invest in real estate in order to build wealth.

What if you could change your situation? What if I could teach you how to pay off your debt, identify your latte factor, and start building up your savings and retirement? By the way, latte factor means that money that you spend of little significance like $5-$20 every day and don’t think about it. Do you realize that I could help you find an extra $300-$600 every month just from Starbucks and buying your lunch everyday? Talk about taking your power back! It’s time to take choose you and make 2018 the year you take steps to get out of debt. Will you get into the financial gym with me?

If any of this is resonating with you, I invite you to request a free money management strategy session with me by clicking on the Free Session tab above. Also, I’m offering a “Get out of Debt” 5-week Teleclass beginning April 5th. You can find more information about this course and to register by clicking on the Get Out of Debt tab on my website.

Keep Going…

Last weekend my oldest son scored his first touch down playing flag football. Before this season, he had no real experience to fall back on to ensure he’d be great or bring any value to his team. As I watched him do his thing on the football field, I was inspired by his determination to keep going and not let the opposing players keep him from scoring a touchdown for his team.

This kid is amazing to me and taught me a life lesson that is all too familiar for anybody. He didn’t let his “lack of experience” keep him from accomplishing his goal…getting that touchdown! He didn’t let the opposing team’s players intimidate him from running past them to get down the field. He didn’t tell his coach he can’t do it and he didn’t let his teammates down either. He kept going! 

I’m in awe of this awesome kid. I am reminded by him that every giant that stands in front of me and tells me I can’t, really means I can! I am inspired to push past any thought of inexperience that I may have compared to someone one else. I have to remember that I’m qualified for the opportunity because I’m chosen! 

I want what my son had on the football field that day. I want the ability to gracefully move through life’s obstacles as if they don’t matter and the people in the way don’t either that would hold me back from fulfilling my purpose. Although, I’m still working on that I choose to keep going, and everyday I get stronger and more courageous! 

Do you choose to keep going when life sets you back or someone says you’re not good enough? If not, learn this lesson from my son. 

Watch this video of him in action…and KEEP GOING!

When Opportunity Knocks

Super excited about my interview on the radio show, When Opportunity Knocks! I share how I went from a 6 figure income to broke to rebuilding my life with purpose!





Celebrate Good Times, Come On!!

There’s a party going on right here, it’s a celebration that will last throughout the year. Bring your good time, and your laughter too cause we’re going to celebrate and party with  you. Come on now, celebrate! I love this song by Kool and the Gang because it reminds me why I need to celebrate more often the “wins” in my life. On Sunday, my sons and I celebrated at Top Golf. It was a blast to watch them socialize, swing the club like crazy, and enjoy their meals. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary in our home. 

Three years ago I bought my kids a home after divorce, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. Now how in the world did I become a statistic like that? Well, I did and I over the years I have been able to overcome the shame that comes with those stereotypes. I was determined to win and turned my life around. 

This leads me to share with you why I felt the need to really celebrate with my sons on how blessed we’ve been since we moved into our home. In fact, three years has felt like really 10 because our lives have changed that much! 

1. My kids are confident, happy, and secure. We moved a few times after divorce and owning a home again meant stability for them. We have family time by playing monopoly (yeah, we trash talk lol), cook together, have movie nights on the weekends they’re with me, and are now starting to workout together. I love hearing their friends bang on the door asking if they can play. 

2. The schools are amazing and supportive! My kids have been in special education since they were little due to speech delays, developmental delays, and reading comprehension challenges. Three years ago nobody could clearly understand what they were saying because their speech was so bad. Today they speak well and have intelligent conversations. They have the audacity to be funny too! This miracle was made possible with them being in a loving and supportive educational environment. I’m a very involved parent and it’s awesome to have the schools advocating for my sons too. Bonus, they’ve become honor roll students as well.

3. It takes a village to raise a child. I pinch myself here because I’m in awe of the awesome neighbors that I have. We have community here. My sons are growing up like I did, outside playing with the neighborhood kids until it is dark! My neighbors look out and I really appreciate them.

4. My home is where I call the city in the suburbs, lol! I’ll never live in DC, but I definitely want the lifestyle of a city chic. I love walking to the town center that has it all. I’m grateful for the walks I take to clear my head and the convenience of my community and it’s so family friendly with the monthly events.

5. Our home is where our heart is truly. I love our home. It is filled with love, laughter, and good energy. Nobody leaves our house the same. It blesses everyone that visits. I’ve especially loved having my single mom life group over for the last 3 years because my home has been a place of healing, birthing place of purpose, and a place where these women including myself have started the journey of real faith and owning our worth. 

I share with you just a few of the many blessings we’ve experienced since I bought our home. It was a big goal, but I stayed with it because I had a BIG WHY…JC and Nick! That’s why we celebrated because that win has really paid dividends that no money can buy!

 I want to remind you to celebrate the little wins just as much as the big! We have to get back to celebrating! Life is a gift and we rob ourselves every time we pass on treasuring that moment that made us smile and say thank you..or I’m so grateful for that! 

Remember, celebrate good times, come on!

I Dodged a Bullet

I have learned many lessons over the years that have changed my life significantly after my divorce. Over two years ago, I dodged a bullet. I was in relationship with a guy I was supposed to marry. This man was used as the sandpaper to smooth me out! 

I ran into his best friend recently who I hadn’t seen or talked to since then, and he asked me a question that really shocked me. He said, “Did you ever get married?” It was epiphany for me because I realized I had grown so much since then. In fact, I told that I didn’t, that I learned a lot in the relationship, but I was so happy when it was over. 

I’m not sure about you, but that single life can get lonely at times and made me think I needed to be in relationship or married to feel complete. I’ve come to realize that this thought process is really a lie. I’ve come into my own since that relationship and am loving me. I actually took the couple years to heal versus rushing into another relationship while I licked my wounds. 

I’ve learned to own my worth. I am worthy…my worth is far above rubies! I am worthy of an honorable man who will love me unconditionally and be in my corner for the rest of my life. I made a choice to wait for him and that’s what time to myself has given me. I have the courage to wait for the best.

The old Tina would not have thought this way at all. A new woman has emerged and I’m really feeling her, lol. I’m glad with all my heart that the relationship didn’t work out and I learned a lot about myself. I changed the way I communicated and respected men as a result. In fact, my co-parenting relationship with kid’s father is extremely better and healthier because of it. I didn’t want to invite another man into my life if I didn’t have things solid with him first.

I say I dodged a bullet because I would have been miserable in married life with this guy. More importantly, I would never have become the woman I am today…moving forward with purpose and owning my worth! 

The Power of Vision

What an amazing week! For several months, I’ve been focused on birthing my Single Mom Empowerment Program designed to educate and empower single moms to become homeowners and build wealth through real estate. Well, that baby is finally here and the power of vision blows my mind.

I don’t know about you, but three years ago I heard a voice in my head tell me that I’ve been designed for more. There’s a reason why I’m alive in 2016 versus 1580. That voice was letting me know that I’m here to impact specific people and that my purpose was great, life-changing in fact. I won’t lie, I ran from this voice for awhile and struggled with the thought of making a powerful impact on others lives especially when the “work” to be done was so overwhelming and beyond my professional experience. I felt like I wasn’t worthy of the cause and extremely under qualified. 

It took a year for me to finally step up to the plate and tell that voice, “I’m in, I’m your girl for the job!” Almost 2 years later, I’m living that vision as the under qualified chosen one yet I’m the right woman for such a time as this! I’m walking in my purpose and the people I’m meant to impact are my single moms. I know their struggles and have overcome so many challenges in the last 9 years of that single mom life. Actually, I’m in awe of how my life has turned around so quickly from broke and broken to happy and restored! I know for sure that my current situation shouldn’t be my reality…and even to have happy, obedient, and respectful kids shouldn’t be either based on what they went through.

I can’t wait to kick off the Single Mom Happy Homeowner Blueprint Teleclass series next week. I can’t wait to see lives transformed from women (men – single dads) go from financially illiterate to fiscally fit as a result. 

My deepest desire is to see my single mom community thrive financially. I see them becoming financially free and building generational wealth for their children’s children. The right connections, aka destiny partners, are coming my way and I’m super excited to see what doors will open in the coming weeks as a result! 

I’m back!

tina head shot red tiltIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted. There’s been so many changes in my life. I’ve had to face many challenges especially the woman in the mirror. Instead of blaming someone else (especially family) for my issues, I’ve had to deal with them head on and soul search to find out why I am the way that I am.

The soul searching has allowed me to have courageous conversations with the people that I love but have hurt me the most, to self-love and healing! I’m coming into my own, loving the woman I see in the mirror, and truly understand and embrace my purpose in life and why I’m here in 2016 not 1520 or something.

I’m back because my God-given purpose in life is to empower my single mom community. My struggles in finances, relationships, and that single mom life have not been for me, but for you…that single mom that’s searching for answers. I carry the answers to some of your problems. Allow yourself to fail forward and for me to share my mistakes and how I overcame them so that you can go further than me.

As a result of my own personal journey, I’ve recently birthed my Single Mom Empowerment Program to help you attain homeownership and build wealth through real estate. I have upcoming teleseminars educating you about homeownership and financial freedom, a Single Mom Empowerment Conference being planned for 2017, and so much more. I’m moving forward with vision and I hope you will join me in this journey!