Keep Going…

Last weekend my oldest son scored his first touch down playing flag football. Before this season, he had no real experience to fall back on to ensure he’d be great or bring any value to his team. As I watched him do his thing on the football field, I was inspired by his determination to keep going and not let the opposing players keep him from scoring a touchdown for his team.

This kid is amazing to me and taught me a life lesson that is all too familiar for anybody. He didn’t let his “lack of experience” keep him from accomplishing his goal…getting that touchdown! He didn’t let the opposing team’s players intimidate him from running past them to get down the field. He didn’t tell his coach he can’t do it and he didn’t let his teammates down either. He kept going! 

I’m in awe of this awesome kid. I am reminded by him that every giant that stands in front of me and tells me I can’t, really means I can! I am inspired to push past any thought of inexperience that I may have compared to someone one else. I have to remember that I’m qualified for the opportunity because I’m chosen! 

I want what my son had on the football field that day. I want the ability to gracefully move through life’s obstacles as if they don’t matter and the people in the way don’t either that would hold me back from fulfilling my purpose. Although, I’m still working on that I choose to keep going, and everyday I get stronger and more courageous! 

Do you choose to keep going when life sets you back or someone says you’re not good enough? If not, learn this lesson from my son. 

Watch this video of him in action…and KEEP GOING!


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