Celebrate Good Times, Come On!!

There’s a party going on right here, it’s a celebration that will last throughout the year. Bring your good time, and your laughter too cause we’re going to celebrate and party with  you. Come on now, celebrate! I love this song by Kool and the Gang because it reminds me why I need to celebrate more often the “wins” in my life. On Sunday, my sons and I celebrated at Top Golf. It was a blast to watch them socialize, swing the club like crazy, and enjoy their meals. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary in our home. 

Three years ago I bought my kids a home after divorce, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. Now how in the world did I become a statistic like that? Well, I did and I over the years I have been able to overcome the shame that comes with those stereotypes. I was determined to win and turned my life around. 

This leads me to share with you why I felt the need to really celebrate with my sons on how blessed we’ve been since we moved into our home. In fact, three years has felt like really 10 because our lives have changed that much! 

1. My kids are confident, happy, and secure. We moved a few times after divorce and owning a home again meant stability for them. We have family time by playing monopoly (yeah, we trash talk lol), cook together, have movie nights on the weekends they’re with me, and are now starting to workout together. I love hearing their friends bang on the door asking if they can play. 

2. The schools are amazing and supportive! My kids have been in special education since they were little due to speech delays, developmental delays, and reading comprehension challenges. Three years ago nobody could clearly understand what they were saying because their speech was so bad. Today they speak well and have intelligent conversations. They have the audacity to be funny too! This miracle was made possible with them being in a loving and supportive educational environment. I’m a very involved parent and it’s awesome to have the schools advocating for my sons too. Bonus, they’ve become honor roll students as well.

3. It takes a village to raise a child. I pinch myself here because I’m in awe of the awesome neighbors that I have. We have community here. My sons are growing up like I did, outside playing with the neighborhood kids until it is dark! My neighbors look out and I really appreciate them.

4. My home is where I call the city in the suburbs, lol! I’ll never live in DC, but I definitely want the lifestyle of a city chic. I love walking to the town center that has it all. I’m grateful for the walks I take to clear my head and the convenience of my community and it’s so family friendly with the monthly events.

5. Our home is where our heart is truly. I love our home. It is filled with love, laughter, and good energy. Nobody leaves our house the same. It blesses everyone that visits. I’ve especially loved having my single mom life group over for the last 3 years because my home has been a place of healing, birthing place of purpose, and a place where these women including myself have started the journey of real faith and owning our worth. 

I share with you just a few of the many blessings we’ve experienced since I bought our home. It was a big goal, but I stayed with it because I had a BIG WHY…JC and Nick! That’s why we celebrated because that win has really paid dividends that no money can buy!

 I want to remind you to celebrate the little wins just as much as the big! We have to get back to celebrating! Life is a gift and we rob ourselves every time we pass on treasuring that moment that made us smile and say thank you..or I’m so grateful for that! 

Remember, celebrate good times, come on!

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