I Dodged a Bullet

I have learned many lessons over the years that have changed my life significantly after my divorce. Over two years ago, I dodged a bullet. I was in relationship with a guy I was supposed to marry. This man was used as the sandpaper to smooth me out! 

I ran into his best friend recently who I hadn’t seen or talked to since then, and he asked me a question that really shocked me. He said, “Did you ever get married?” It was epiphany for me because I realized I had grown so much since then. In fact, I told that I didn’t, that I learned a lot in the relationship, but I was so happy when it was over. 

I’m not sure about you, but that single life can get lonely at times and made me think I needed to be in relationship or married to feel complete. I’ve come to realize that this thought process is really a lie. I’ve come into my own since that relationship and am loving me. I actually took the couple years to heal versus rushing into another relationship while I licked my wounds. 

I’ve learned to own my worth. I am worthy…my worth is far above rubies! I am worthy of an honorable man who will love me unconditionally and be in my corner for the rest of my life. I made a choice to wait for him and that’s what time to myself has given me. I have the courage to wait for the best.

The old Tina would not have thought this way at all. A new woman has emerged and I’m really feeling her, lol. I’m glad with all my heart that the relationship didn’t work out and I learned a lot about myself. I changed the way I communicated and respected men as a result. In fact, my co-parenting relationship with kid’s father is extremely better and healthier because of it. I didn’t want to invite another man into my life if I didn’t have things solid with him first.

I say I dodged a bullet because I would have been miserable in married life with this guy. More importantly, I would never have become the woman I am today…moving forward with purpose and owning my worth! 

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